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Annual Asbestos Inspection

If Asbestos is identified at a workplace, it is a statutory requirement that an annual inspection is completed and the Asbestos Register is updated to reflect the re-audit.

Under the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC: 2015 (2005)], the Asbestos Materials Register, including any risk assessments, must be reviewed annually or earlier where:

  • A risk assessment indicates the need for reassessment
  • Any ACM has been disturbed or removed

A visual inspection must be undertaken as part of this review.
AMS Technicians engaged to perform a review will undertake the following:

  •  Attend the premises and inspect all previously identified ACMs
  •  Reassess the risks associated with the ACM
  • Provide further recommendations for either the ongoing management or removal of the ACM if required
  • Update the existing Asbestos Materials Register to incorporate details from the review process
  •  By carrying out annual inspections you:
  •  Minimize significantly the exposure to legal
  • liabilities from tenants, contractors and/or employees
  • Avoid the risk of being fined by the Department
  • Minimize the possibility of claims on workers compensation due to asbestos exposure
  • Reduce the likelihood of waivered insurance claims due to non-compliance
  • Avoid the possibility of unfavourable media exposure and publicity
  • Avoid possible union problems including stop work action

And most importantly, minimize the risks to health due to the exposure to asbestos in the workplace

The Asbestos Management Solution ensures

  • Compliance with Federal and State legislative requirements.

  • Management Plans customised to your organisation.

  • Staff and contractor information packs, ensuring you are over protected and exceeding the basic requirements.

  • Complete confidentiality, no discussion, no comment.

The purpose of our Asbestos Management Service is to assist employers and managers of workplaces to reduce the exposure of asbestos and other hazardous substances in the workplace. We bring experience and practical skills to provide innovative solutions.

Our client base includes private home owners, property managers, environmental consultants and environmental engineers, real estate developers, major corporations, general and demolition contractors, hospitals, educational institutions, religious institutions, architects and engineers.


Fully Qualified inspectors.
W504 British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).
Licenced building inspectors.
Health department licenced inspectors.

Professional indemnity insurance to $1 million dollars (Cover by Lloyds of London)

  • commercial

  • residential

AMS understand the many complexities and concerns when organisations require an Asbestos Management Solution. We understand the need for fast, confidential analysis of a workplace to ensure the protection of your staff, contractors and assets.