UPTO $1,000,000





If you do not abide by the new regulations by obtaining the necessary report and register within the timeframe allotted, you may be fined. The fines can range up to $37,500.00 or six month imprisonment, right through to fines of up to $150,000.00 or three years imprisonment.

Commercial Properties

Asbestos Management Services will provide you with total compliance for the State and National Legislation for the Management of Asbestos in Workplaces.

Asbestos Audits

Stringent new legislation calls for “Persons with Control” of workplaces to comply with the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:2018 (2005)]. ALL State Governments have ratified this code.

AMS auditing teams are professional, discreet and do not discuss the audit with your staff, tenants or contractors unless invited to.

A person in control is identified as;
Person with Control means, in relation to premises, a person who has control of premises used as a workplace. The person with control may be:

  1. the owner of the premises;
  2. a person who has, under any contract or lease, an obligation to maintain or repair the premises;
  3. a person who is occupying the premises;
  4. a person who is able to make decisions about work undertaken at the premises; or
  5. an employer at the premises.

Are You Affected?

You must comply with the legislation: Persons in Control of buildings have a duty of care to

  1. Develop an Asbestos management Plan
  2. Investigate their premises for the presence of ACM
  3. Develop a register of identified or presumed ACM
  4. Remove or minimize the risk of ACM
  5. Implement Control Measures.

The Asbestos Management Solution ensures

  • Compliance with Federal and State legislative requirements.

  • Management Plans customised to your organisation.

  • Staff and contractor information packs, ensuring you are over protected and exceeding the basic requirements.

  • Complete confidentiality, no discussion, no comment.

The purpose of our Asbestos Management Service is to assist employers and managers of workplaces to reduce the exposure of asbestos and other hazardous substances in the workplace. We bring experience and practical skills to provide innovative solutions.

Our client base includes private home owners, property managers, environmental consultants and environmental engineers, real estate developers, major corporations, general and demolition contractors, hospitals, educational institutions, religious institutions, architects and engineers.


Fully Qualified inspectors.
W504 British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).
Licenced building inspectors.
Health department licenced inspectors.

Professional indemnity insurance to $1 million dollars (Cover by Lloyds of London)

  • commercial

  • residential

AMS understand the many complexities and concerns when organisations require an Asbestos Management Solution. We understand the need for fast, confidential analysis of a workplace to ensure the protection of your staff, contractors and assets.