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Average homes from$300

Renovating your home?

Seen the home renovation shows, anyone can do it – right? Maybe, but what if your home has asbestos? Surely that’s all gone by now? Wrong!

Do I have materials containing asbestos in my house?

It can be difficult to tell whether your home has materials containing asbestos in it just by looking, but you may recognise the following image of an asbestos roof.

The reality is most houses built before 1990 contain some form of asbestos. Before you remove anything you need to know what might contain asbestos.

As a general rule, if your house was built:

Before the mid 1980s, it is highly likely that it would have materials containing asbestos.

  •  Between the mid 1980s and 1990, it is likely that it would have materials containing asbestos.
  •  After 1990, it is highly unlikely it would have materials containing asbestos.

If you are not sure that a material contains asbestos, play it safe and assume that it does. Alternatively, you can get advice from an asbestos consultant or get the material tested by a laboratory.


For average size homes cost are from $330 plus sampling.

General Asbestos Inspection:

  • Identification of building materials suspected to contain asbestos
  • Description of the condition of the suspected ACM
  • Identification of urgent and serious safety hazards
  • Recommendations regarding management and removal (we have no financial relationship with any Asbestos Removal company and can assure you of a report and recommendation which is free of the bias a removal company may have)
  • Recommendations regarding sampling
  • If your inspection includes sampling, you will receive:
    • A record of locations
    • Photographic information
    • Lab analysis reports if needed.

What do the Inspectors inspect?

When we attend a building we do a full inspection including:

  •  All internal areas – every room, including storage areas etc.
  • Inside the roof space (sometimes called roof void or cavity)
  • Underneath the floor (unless it’s a concrete slab)
  • On the roof of single storey buildings, prior arrangements should be made if you want 2+ storey roofs inspected for safety reasons.
  • All external areas
  • The Site – eg: decks, fencing, carports etc

What are the limitations of Asbestos Inspections?

All building inspections are limited to accessible areas of the building and site. You should always expect that limitations on the scope of the inspection will occur.

For example these include: wall, ceiling and floor coverings, fixed fittings like cabinetry and external elements such as landscaping preventing us from full inspection.

These limitations and obstructions will be documented and we will give our opinion as to the degree of risk that undetected asbestos represents. Where it is medium to high we advise you to have a more invasive inspection.

When will I be able to get the asbestos inspection done?

In almost all cases we can get an asbestos inspection done within 24-48 hours. If samples are taken, lab results can be made available within 5 days during the work week, but generally take 5-7 days.

When will I get the Report?

After the inspection you should expect to receive the Report within 24 hours at most, unless sampling is involved, in which case it will take up to 7 days. Please advise the inspector if you need it sooner. It can be organized if urgent within 3 days including sampling.

There are occasionally times when it may take longer to get your report, but we let you know if this happens

The Asbestos Management Solution ensures

  • Compliance with Federal and State legislative requirements.

  • Management Plans customised to your organisation.

  • Staff and contractor information packs, ensuring you are over protected and exceeding the basic requirements.

  • Complete confidentiality, no discussion, no comment.

The purpose of our Asbestos Management Service is to assist employers and managers of workplaces to reduce the exposure of asbestos and other hazardous substances in the workplace. We bring experience and practical skills to provide innovative solutions.

Our client base includes private home owners, property managers, environmental consultants and environmental engineers, real estate developers, major corporations, general and demolition contractors, hospitals, educational institutions, religious institutions, architects and engineers.


Fully Qualified inspectors.
W504 British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).
Licenced building inspectors.
Health department licenced inspectors.

Professional indemnity insurance to $1 million dollars (Cover by Lloyds of London)

  • commercial

  • residential

AMS understand the many complexities and concerns when organisations require an Asbestos Management Solution. We understand the need for fast, confidential analysis of a workplace to ensure the protection of your staff, contractors and assets.